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The 'table water' that is freely placed on our tables in restaurants is a good reminder of how readily available clean water is to us.  good.water partners with restaurants to ask diners to donate $2 for their table water.  100% of that $2 goes to well projects for people who unlike us do not have access to clean water.  

The idea is simple.  We pay for everything we're served at a restaurant.  Except the water.  A bottle of table water is provided for free at most restaurants.  We thought that would be a great time to give a little to those who don't have that luxury.

Restaurants can attach a small label to their table water bottle.  The bottle tells the diner that $2 has been added to their bill as a donation for those who do not have clean water.  If they don't want to contribute they can opt out by taking off the tag and leaving it on the table.

If you're a restaurant contact us to find out more.  Otherwise, if you dine at a restaurant with good.water, tell them you think they're great!!

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