100% a different type of charity

Every dollar you give will go 100% to the project your supporting.

Before we even ran our first project we knew good.trust had to be a little bit different in the way we handled money.  In a nutshell we wanted to be able to answer this question:

'How much of my money will actually go to the project?'

We decided we wanted to be able to answer the same every single time:

'All of it!'

Products (such as good.coffee, good.music)

Where we sell products such as good.coffee or the song 'water' through good.music we don't receive every cent you pay.  When you buy 'water' the song, iTunes takes a cut, and when you buy good.coffee our partner who roasts the coffee retains the cost of that coffee and their costs to produce it.


However, in all instances the agreed portion of the sale that gets to good.trust, goes 100% to our projects overseas.  No staff or operational costs to reduce the impact of your support.

If you have any questions about how this works, feel free to make contact!